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Invisalign Clear Aligners

With Invisalign, our team at Cedars Dental can correct a wide range of orthodontic issues. Is Invisalign right for you? Get started with a 30-minute consultation with our Ottawa dentists.

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The Clear Alternative to Braces

Invisalign is designed to correct orthodontic issues without the need for metal brackets and wires, providing patients with a low-profile orthodontic treatment option. Plus, with our digital scanner and chairside monitors, we can show you virtual results before even starting treatment.

Invisalign treatment includes the following features:

  • No wires or brackets to rub the delicate tissues inside of the mouth
  • Options designed to suit the unique needs of teens and adults
  • Aligners are clear and removable to fit your lifestyle
  • No need for frequent braces adjustments

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Invisalign Clear Aligners,  Ottawa Dentist

What To Expect With Invisalign at Cedars Dental

For more information, browse our Invisalign FAQs.

Initial Consultation

Request an appointment with one of our dentists to find out if Invisalign clear aligners could be a suitable orthodontic treatment option for you.

Digital Smile Preview

Our 3D scanner technology allows us to give you a preview of what your straighter smile may look like after Invisalign treatment.

Custom Treatment Plan

Every smile is unique. Your Invisalign treatment plan will be customized to address your specific issues, and help you reach your smile goals.

Fewer Appointments 

With Invisalign (vs. braces) there are no adjustments required. That means, you may spend less time in our office during treatment.

Invisalign Clear Aligners, Ottawa Dentist

Invisalign can help correct a broad range of dental and orthodontic issues.

Learn more about common issues that our dentists treat with Invisalign clear aligners from Cedars Dental.

  • Overly Crowded Teeth

    This occurs when there is simply a lack of room within your jaw for all of your teeth to fit normally.

    When left untreated, overly crowded teeth can cause dental decay, an increase in chances of gum disease, and can prevent the normal function of teeth.

  • Widely Spaced Teeth

    This occurs with abnormal continued growth of the jaw bone. When teeth are missing, this issue can also be caused by the other teeth shifting due to extra space. Spacing issues in teeth can cause some periodontal diseases.

  • Crossbite

    This occurs when the upper and lower jaws are both misaligned. It causes one or more upper teeth to bite on the inside of the lower teeth, and can happen on both the front and/or the sides of the mouth. This issue can cause wear of the teeth, gum disease, and bone loss.

  • Overbite

    What people commonly refer to as an "overbite" is known to dental professionals as "overjet." It occurs when the upper teeth bite over the lower teeth. It's typically caused by either genetics, bad oral habits, or over development of the bone that supports the teeth. This issue can lead to gum problems or irritation, and/or wear on the lower teeth and can cause painful jaw and joint problems.

  • Underbite

    This occurs when the lower teeth protrude past the front teeth. It's usually caused by undergrowth of the upper jaw, overgrowth of the lower jaw, or both. It can also be caused by missing upper teeth. This issue can prevent the normal function of front teeth or molars which can lead to tooth wear. It can also cause painful jaw and joint problems.

  • Sleep Apnea & Bruxism

    Invisalign can also help with the orthodontic issues that lead to sleep apnea and other conditions like teeth grinding (bruxism).

Take our 30-second Smile Assessment to see if Invisalign might be right for you.

Smile Assessment

The Invisalign Process

Our team at Cedars Dental will guide you through the Invisalign treatment process. We are here to help you navigate each step in your journey to a straighter smile.

Invisalign Step 1, Ottawa Dentist

Step 1

Discuss Your Goals

One of our dentists will meet with you to discuss your smile goals and how Invisalign can help you to achieve them.

Invisalign Step 2, Ottawa Dentist

Step 2

Get Your 3D Treatment Plan

We’ll use an intraoral scanner to produce a detailed 3D image of your teeth and show you a preview of your straighter smile.

Invisalign Step 3, Ottawa Dentist

Step 3

Pick Up Your Aligners

Once your custom made aligners arrive at our office, your dentist will contact you, so your treatment can get started right away.

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